2014 BMW R1200RT w/ Stage 2 Audio Upgrade

2014 BMW R1200RT w/ Stage 2 Audio Upgrade

Mike Bartells

So last year we had a booth set up at the BMW MOA 50th Anniversary Rally showing a bunch of our new BMW audio packages. At the time, we only covered the K1600's, but we left the show with quite the waiting list for people wanting to upgrade their R1200/1250RT's!

Once we hit a stopping point on our K1600 projects, we reached out to local people on the waiting list and began our design work for the RT's. This client brought in his 2014 R1200RT for us to design off of, and we got to work!

The RT's are much like the K1600's in that they come with a small 4" sized midrange with a tweeter in a plastic pod in the front. We designed a replacement pod to house a new 5 1/4", and then got to work on a larger 6 1/2" option.

Stage 3 - BMW R1200RT/R1250RT 5 1/4" Front Speaker Pods, Rear 6 1/2" Pods For The Upper Case, and 4 Channel Amplifier - Motorrad Audio

A 6 1/2" speaker is too large to fit behind the OEM grill, so we had to come up with a design that would align with the OEM contours of the bike and preferably with minimal modifications. Our in house design team came up with exactly that!  We made a replacement grill assembly and pod that goes back in place of the OEM, but required minimal modifications behind the scenes so you could take it out and put it back to factory if you sold the bike and the purchaser preferred it to be stock. We installed the Infinity Kappa Perfect 600x motorcycle speakers in the new 6 1/2" location.

Now that the speaker option was taken care of, we got to working out the amplifier location and custom cabling. Not taking up functional space is always our goal, and like the K1600's before, there was a location for us to utilize our normal Infinity Kappa Perfect water tight amplifiers under the fairing in the front. We designed an amplifier mount to go inside the right side front fairing, along with plug and play wiring so no modifications to the OEM wiring would be necessary. 

The picture shows the 2 channel amplifier installed. There's also room for the 4 channel version, for those people that want a Stage 3 or 4 upgrade that adds 6 1/2" speakers to the Top Case. 

Now the system was loud and clean! A HUGE upgrade from the OEM system that you really can't hear at highway speeds.

Interested in an upgrade for your R1200RT or R1250RT? Click the "search by bike" button at the top of the page and see the options available for your bike!


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