2019 BMW K1600B Infinity Kappa Perfect Amplifier & Cicada Audio 5 1/4

2019 BMW K1600B Infinity Kappa Perfect Amplifier & Cicada Audio 5 1/4"

Mike Bartells

A client from Carlisle Pennsylvania recently contacted us about upgrading the audio system in his 2019 K1600B. As anyone with the K1600 stock audio knows, the OEM systems output is terrible, and virtually impossible to listen to at any speed. 

He wanted to keep the bike looking factory, and preferred not losing any bag space, so the Cicada Audio CXX525.4  5 1/4" speaker package with the Infinity Kappa Perfect 3002 amplifier seen here was the perfect solution. https://www.motorradaudio.com/products/bmw-k1600-5-1-4-front-speaker-pods-package-w-cicada-audio-speakers-infinity-kappa-perfect-amplifier

He was taking a trip that went right by one of our Extreme Audio retail locations, so we scheduled a time for him to drop it off for the week while he was travelling.

Cicada Audio 5 1/4" mounted in a 2018 K1600B

Cicada 5 1/4" pods installed, replacing the OEM pods. Left side shows the OEM grills in place. No modifications needed to install.

Infinity Kappa Perfect 3002 Waterproof Amplifier mounted behind the left side fairing

The Infinity Kappa Perfect 3002 Amplifier mounts behind the left side fairing so you don't sacrifice any bag space. Everything is plug and play and pre-tuned for optimum performance.

2018 BMW K1600B

Everything back to together and ready to ride with no evidence anything has changed other than significantly more output!

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