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2018 BMW K1600B w/ Cicada Audio DSP600.4d & CH65.4 Co-ax Horns

Mike Bartells

A client from Maryland recently contacted us about an upgrade for his 2018 K1600B. He was interested in upgrading the front speakers for now, so he wanted the loudest speakers that he could fit. We came up with a plan, and scheduled him to bring the bike to us for the installation.

One of the loudest 6 1/2" motorcycle speakers out there is the Cicada Audio CH65.4 Co-ax horn speakers. They don't normally fit into the 6 1/2" pods for the 2011-21 models, as they have a much larger mounting diameter than a standard 6 1/2". We were able to custom make adapter rings to accommodate them. Instead of our speaker grills recessing into the pod, they were instead surface mounted to fit the pods.

Cicada Audio CH65.4 Installed in a 2018 K1600B   

Cicada Audio CH65.4 6 1/2" Co-ax horns installed in a 2018 BMW K1600B

One thing about loudspeakers with horns, is that while they are crazy loud, they can certainly be a bit on the abrasive side. To make sure he got the best sound quality possible, we paired it with a Cicada Audio DSP600.4d amplifier. The Cicada amp has a built in DSP that allows us to custom equalize the output to smooth out any frequencies that are overly abrasive, and to boost any that may be a little on the weak side. The amplifier is made for motorcycle use, but since it's not fully waterproof we installed it in the right side saddlebag. We also added a Bovee WMA3000B bluetooth interface to allow easy streaming of his phone into the K1600 audio system.

Cicada Audio DSP600.4 Amplifier installed in a 2018 BMW K1600B

Once the system was done, we fired it up for him to take a listen and he was grinning from ear to ear! He even went on Facebook as soon as he got home to make a post showing everyone his upgrades. Interested in upgrading the audio on your K1600, R1200RT, or R1250RT? Send us a message and we'd be happy to see what we can do for you!

Cicada Audio speakers installed in a 2018 K1600B

2018 BMW K1600B

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