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2019 BMW K1600 Grand America Two Speaker & Amplifier Audio Upgrade

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A client from Fredericksburg VA recently contacted Motorrad Audio after seeing a post on a Facebook K1600 Forum. He was interested in upgrading the audio on his 2019 K1600 Grand America, and lucky for him he lived an hour away from our Extreme Audio Mechanicsville location!

He dropped the K1600 off with us and we got to work! First we removed the small 3 1/2" speaker pods, and replaced them with our Cicada Audio 5 1/4" coaxial speaker pods. Designed for loud Harley Davidson motorcycles, these speakers are designed for the harsh outdoor environment. 

BMW K1600 Cicada 5 1/4" Speaker Pods

Incorporating our plug and play harnessing, the next step was to add more power. Infinity Car Audio recently released a new water resistant powersports amplifier called the Infinity Kappa Perfect 3002. The 3002 is a 2 channel amplifier that outputs 100 watts RMS on each of it's channels, plenty of power to drive the Cicada Audio 5 1/4" to full output. While the amp is water resistant, the end caps aren't completely sealed. Our team takes care of that problem by using our in house laser to cut out a 1/32" silicone rubber gasket to seal the Infinity provided end caps.

Lasered Silicone Rubber Gaskets

Now that the amplifier is fully sealed, it's ready for installation. Many K1600 riders treasure their storage space. The small footprint of the Infinity Kappa Perfect amp allows for it to be installed behind the left side front fairing, saving that precious bag space. It also means this package will fit all models of K1600's, the K1600B, Grand America, GT, and GTL. Our plug and play kit comes with a mounting bracket to locate the amplifier to left and above the OEM ABS module. You can see it right in the center of the picture below.

K1600 with Infinity Kappa Perfect Amplifier Installed

With the amplifier installed and tuned (we ship them pre-tuned for you based on the year bike you own), the difference in output was dramatic. Far louder output, and tons more treble due to the additional tweeter. Once everything was re-assembled you'd never know anything had been changed.

2019 K1600 OEM Grills

Interested in upgrading the audio system in your K1600? We have multiple kits that are plug an play, with installation videos featured on our YouTube Channel @MotorradAudio and full US based tech support. You can find information on the specific kit used in this installation below. For those of you with 2022+ models, we also feature a kit with 6 1/2" Kappa Perfect Speakers. 



Thompson Gary
Thompson Gary
How much fully installed? How long is the install?
Erin Woodward
Erin Woodward
That’s my bike above! These guys are the real deal. The speakers are absolutely fantastic! The team was professional, prompt took great care of my bike. The quality speaks for itself, the sound is incredible.

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