2022 BMW K1600B Grand America Customer Installed Stage 4 Upgrade

2022 BMW K1600B Grand America Customer Installed Stage 4 Upgrade

Mike Bartells

A client from Indianapolis Indiana contacted us through our web site looking to upgrade his 2022 BMW K1600 Grand America. He was looking for a significant upgrade from the lethargic OEM system, so he decided to go with the best package we offered at the time, the Stage 4. 

Along with the installation videos on our YouTube page at www.youtube.com/@motorradaudio he was able to do the full installation himself, and he sent us pictures to share with other clients!

Our Stage 4 package starts with upgrading the OEM front speaker pods from the 4" originally equipped with our 6 1/2" Infinity Kappa Perfect Pods. The Kappa's are the best sounding, loudest, speakers that can fit in the VERY tight spaces behind the OEM grills without modifying the cosmetics of the bike.

The original OEM speaker pod for the 22+ model K1600's

Our 6 1/2" speaker pods installed

 As shown in our videos, the client opened up some extra holes in the OEM grill behind the scenes

Once re-assembled, the front end looks 100% OEM

In the rear of the bike, the Stage 4 upgrade for the B and Grand America adds 6 1/2" Infinity Kappa Perfects to the top of the bags with our custom speaker panels. They do require cutting of the top of the bag, but they do not intrude into the inner portion of the bag. So there are no concerns with losing any space, or moisture getting into the inner portion of the bag.

Rear speaker panels installed

Rounding out the system, is an Infinity Kappa Perfect 5004 4 Channel Amplifier. With our custom mounting bracket, and plug and play wiring, the waterproof amplifier tucks away behind the left side fairing. It's location means that the amplifier doesn't take up any functional space on the bike, leaving maximum storage available. 

Amplifier installed, along with some extra XK Glow LED wiring 

Once everything was re-assembled, he sent us an email letting us know that the system sounded great, and he was thrilled with the outcome. Thanks Tyree for sharing pictures with us!

Interested in upgrading the sound in your K1600, R1200RRT, or R1250RT? Click the "Search by Bike" button at the top of the page to see what options we have available for your bike!

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