2022 BMW K1600B Grand America Midnight Edition Stage 4 Upgrade w/ RGB+W Lighting

2022 BMW K1600B Grand America Midnight Edition Stage 4 Upgrade w/ RGB+W Lighting

Mike Bartells

A client was recently referred to us by a BMW dealer, Morton's in Fredericksburg VA. He was looking to upgrade the audio system in his 2022 BMW K1600B Grand America Midnight Edition. He also was looking into LED lighting upgrades, and we'd just finished setting up a 2024 model with a full lighting package. Once he saw the lighting from that bike, he was all in.

We started with our Stage 4 kit for the 2022+ models. This package upgrades the front speakers with our pods containing Infinity Kappa Perfect 600x motorcycle speakers. They tuck in behind the OEM grills in the front with zero changes to the cosmetics of the bike.

6 1/2" speakers installed with no changes to the OEM cosmetics

We added an Infinity Kappa Perfect 5004 amplifier behind the front left fairing. With our custom mount and plug and play harnessing, the 4 channel amplifier goes in with zero modifications to the bike's electrical system.

In the rear of the bike, we installed our custom rear bag panels containing the same Infinity Kappa Perfect 600x waterproof speakers. The panels do require modifying the tops permanently, but only the very top panel, so they can be replaced and put back to factory easily for future resale if needed. They also don't infringe into the inner bag, so the inside stays sealed up tight from water intrusion. 

Kappa Perfect 6 1/2" installed in Motorrad Audio's custom rear panels

With the audio fully upgraded, we moved on to our new LED lighting package! We partnered with Infinite Off-Road in fully outfitting the bike with RGB+W lighting. RGB+W means that you not only get any color that you could possibly want, but you also get the capability of having a pure white that RGB systems can't quite do. The system lights up the full bike, including the BMW logo's.

With the lighting and audio both fully upgraded, the client was thrilled and ready to get out on the road and ride! 

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