2023 BMW K1600 Grand America Client Installed Stage 4 Upgrade

2023 BMW K1600 Grand America Client Installed Stage 4 Upgrade

Mike Bartells

A client from Texas contacted us through our web form interested in upgrading his 2023 BMW K1600 Grand America. He initially was interested in the Stage 3 package since it wouldn't require any modifications to the front of the bike, but after seeing how little you had to change behind the scenes for the Stage 4, he decided to go all in!

He started with the front speakers. The Stage 4 package upgrades the OEM 4" midrange speakers to a 6 1/2" Infinity Kappa Perfect 600x co-axle. Designed specifically for use in motorcycles, these speakers are the loudest, best sounding speaker that can fit behind the OEM grills with no external modifications to the bikes cosmetics. 

6 1/2" pods installed before re-assembly

In the rear of the bike, or 6 1/2" panels install onto the top of the saddlebags. They do require cutting into the top of the bag, but do not intrude into the inner shell of the bag. This means they don't take up any space in the bag, or open up the inside to potential moisture.

6 1/2" speakers installed on the front and rear of the bike

To power the new speaker upgrade, the Stage 4 package comes with a matching Infinity Kappa Perfect 5004 4 Channel Amplifier. The Infinity amp fits perfectly behind the left side fairing with our custom amplifier mount and plug and play harnessing. The amplifier is again made for the environment, and is water tight so it doesn't have to take up any precious bag space. 

Kappa amplifier tucked in behind the left side fairing

 Once it was all back together, the system can now be heard loud and clear at any speed! Thanks Freddie for sharing pics!

Interested in upgrading the crummy sounding factory audio in your BMW motorcycle? Click the "Search by Bike" at the top of the page to check out the options we have available for you!

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