$849.99 USD

Motorrad Audio has partnered with Infinite Off-Road in offering a full LED lighting kit for the BMW K1600B & Grand America! 

The full system is a RGB+W, meaning it can output any color you desire, including a pure white that most RGB systems can't produce. It's app controlled with the ability to create custom patterns and colors, as well as integrate to flash with music as it's playing. 

While the light output is quite bright, the overall layout is designed to be non "tacky", all of the LED's are installed in a way that you see the glow, but do not have direct line of sight to the LED's themselves. 

All of the lights are backed by Infinite Off-Road's 25 year unconditional warranty!

The kit consists of the following

  • (4) 6 Watt Magnetic Lights (behind and in front of bags)
  • (2) 4 Watt Rock Lights (w/ acrylic rings for the BMW badges)
  • (2) 12 Watt Rock Lights (very back of the bike and underneath)
  • (3) 6" Light Strips (front end)
  • Bluetooth RGB+W Controller (w/ wireless remote as well)
  • All wire extensions, mounting brackets, switch, and adapters needed

We do not provide the BMW logo's, but they can be purchased cheaply here https://www.ebay.com/itm/361551820192

If you buy a 70mm logo like these separately, you don't have to modify your current badging, meaning it could go back to factory for resale if needed.

We will offer some installation assistance via a video on our YouTube channel. The switch and relay needed is all pre-wired. You'll only need to run all the cabling for the lights and hook up the power and ground to the battery.