$699.00 USD

We upgrade a lot of Harley Davidson Motorcycles here at Extreme Audio. Last year, we sold a lot of the Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5UBT-HS Harley-Davidson–specific radios. These radios fit the fairings perfectly and offer an amazing feature set. 

Digital Media Solutions

The AQ-MP-5UBT-HS is a digital media receiver. It has no CD mechanism, but instead, provides a storage pocket for an iPod or iPhone, or a USB memory stick. The AQ-MP-5UBT-HS also includes an AW-USB-1 USB input socket that can be mounted away from the radio to charge other devices.

Dummy Face Panel and More!

The AQ-MP-5UBT-HS includes a blank face panel that maintains the IP55 Water and Dust intrusion rating while helping to prevent theft. The AQ-MP-5UBT-HS also includes a built-in clock. Of course, Bluetooth audio streaming, an AM/FM tuner, an auxiliary input jack, a large color display and an easy-to-use rotary volume control are carried over from its little brother.

The AQ-MP-5UBT-HS includes a built-in high-power, four-channel amplifier. The amp is rated at 45 watts into 4 ohms and an impressive 72 watts into 2 ohms. You can wire up two 4-ohm speakers to each channel to get things rocking!

If you own a 1998 to 2013 Harley-Davidson, the AQ-MP-5UBT-HS and its little brother are perfect drop-in solutions. The radio fits perfectly and seals against the dash. The mounting brackets work with the factory mounting screws and the Harley-Davidson wire harness plugs right in. The only part that isn't plug and play, is if your Harley is equipped with rear speakers. The 4 wire connections are color coded for ease of wiring to the OEM wires.  Control your music from the Harley Davidson handlebar controls with no programming needed. CVO models are not plug and play, as the OEM amps would have to be bypassed.

Satellite Radio-ready

The AQ-MP-5UBT-HS is SiriusXM-ready. This means, when you purchase an optional SXV300 SiriusXM tuner module and subscribe to their service, you can enjoy the same music no matter how far and how you drive – for an hour or an entire day. It’s all broadcast to your radio from satellites orbiting overhead. The AQ-MP-5UBT-HS includes the Replay feature to rewind what you just heard, so you can listen to it again.