$2,874.99 USD

Stage 3 package for the BMW R1200RT/R1250RT.  It upgrades the OEM speakers and adds rear speakers on the RT's equipped with a top case on the back. The package includes Cicada Audio 5 1/4" w/ front pods. A pair of the Infinity Kappa Perfect 600x 6 1/2" Speakers w/ rear pods for the top case,  and an Infinity Kappa Perfect 5004 4 Channel Water Resistant Amplifier.

Plug and Play with no factory wire modifications needed!

This is is a great package for the R1200RT & R1250RT w/ a top case. The amplifier fits behind the right side fairing in the front of the bike. Includes bracketing for mounting the amplifier and all plug and play cabling. The front pods drop in with zero modifications, but the rear speaker panels are permanent cosmetic modifications to the top case. They do not infringe on the top case's internal space. Installation videos are available @MotorradAudio on YouTube. 

The OEM pods on the K1600's contain a small 3 1/2" speaker. These pods allow for upgrading that to a 5 1/4" coaxial. Both the Cicada & Infinity's were designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles, so they are made to play loud, are waterproof, and hold up in the harsh motorcycle environment. The Infinity Kappa Perfect 5004 amplifier is the perfect match. Between it's water resistant design and our laser cut gaskets for sealing the end caps, it can safely be mounted behind the fairing, freeing up precious bag space.

This package includes everything necessary for a premium installation, including instructional videos.

Fits all year range BMW R1200RT & R1250RT w/ a Top Case. The rear pods do not fit with the armrests installed on the bike.