$5,124.99 USD

4 Speaker and dual 8" subwoofers w/ 2 amplifiers package for all year model BMW K1600B & Grand America. The package includes one pair of Cicada Audio CXX525.4 5 1/4" co-axles in our Motorrad Audio front pods. One pair of Infinity Kappa Perfect 600x 6 1/2" Speakers and our Motorrad Audio 6 1/2" panels for the rear bag tops. Powered with an Infinity Kappa Perfect 5004 4 Channel Water Resistant Amplifier. Along with dual AudioFrog GS8ND2 8" subwoofers in the bags, powered by a JL Audio MX500/1

Plug and Play with no factory wire modifications needed!

This is a great package for the K1600B & Grand America if you're not looking to do any modifications in the front of the bike. The amplifier fits behind the left side fairing in the front of the bike. Includes bracketing for mounting the amplifier and all plug and play cabling. The front speaker pods fit behind the OEM grills with no modifications. The rear speaker panels are a permanent cosmetic modification to the bag, but do not intrude into the inner portion of the bag. Installation videos are available @MotorradAudio on YouTube. 

Utilizing the unique design of the Audiofrog GS8ND2 subwoofers, we were able to incorporate an 8" subwoofer into each bag of the K1600B or GA with very minimal loss of functional space. Mounted inverted and nestled into the contours of the bag, the output of the back of the subwoofer is used to fire into the wheel area of the bike. The subwoofers are protected by a grill, so you can still fill the bag up with items as needed, with no worries of damage. The bag is turned into the enclosure, and even ported for a higher output. The bag stays sealed from the environment by a hydrophobic material called Frogzskin, and a port plug is provided to seal the port when riding in the rain.

Powering the subwoofers is a JL Audio MX500/1 powersports amplifier. It stays tucked in between the front layers of the left side saddlebag, so it doesn't take up any space in the bag. We also include the RBC-1 knob so you have the ability to tone down the woofers as needed on longer rides.

A fully pre-cut kit of three layer sound deadening material is included to help minimize rattles in the bags. 

Rear pods come standard painted gloss black. They are available unpainted if you'd like to have them custom painted. Lowers cost by $300, but will need sanding before paint.

Custom options available from Infinity, Arc Audio, Cicada Audio, Hertz, Diamond Audio, & Precision Power

If interested, we also have packages with 6 1/2" speakers in the front, as well as for the GT and GTL versions with a top case installed. 

All mounting hardware and wiring needed is included. Quick disconnects are installed on everything to keep the bike easily serviceable.

Fits all year model K1600B & Grand America