2020 BMW R1250RT w/ Stage 2 Audio Upgrade

2020 BMW R1250RT w/ Stage 2 Audio Upgrade

Mike Bartells

A BMW R1250RT owner from North Carolina contacted us about potential upgrades to the audio system on his bike. He'd found us doing web searches, and saw the kits we offered for the K1600's. As luck would have it, we had a 2014 R1200RT in the shop that we were designing off of, and it was great timing to have his brought in to check if there were any differences between the R1200RT and the R1250RT.

He saw the plans we had for our new 6 1/2" front panels, and he was totally on board! We installed a set of Infinity Kappa Perfect 600x motorcycle speakers in our new custom front pods.

We then installed a 2 channel Infinity Kappa Perfect amplifier behind the right side front fairing. The amp is water tight, and we have fully plug and play wiring harnesses made for integrating to the OEM BMW wiring with no modifications. We also have a custom amp mounting bracket that uses OEM screw locations. 

The client was over the top happy with the outcome. Instead of distorting out and sounding bad at high volume, he can now crank it up and be able to hear it loud and clear at full highway speeds! 

Looking to upgrade the audio on your R1250RT, R1200RT, or K1600? Click the "search by bike" button at the top of the page to see the options available for your bike! Or click the chat button if you have questions.

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